Download PK XD (MOD Full)

Download PK XD (MOD Full)

Games Information

Title Info
OS Android 4.4 and up
Version 1.27.1
File Size 430.6Mb
File Type APK
Publisher Afterverse Games
Price Free
MOD Features Full


PK XD – Explore and Play with your Friends! – adventure life simulator with an open interactive game world. Unlike many analogues in this project, the developers have implemented a completely new concept of peaceful and relaxing passing, as well as creative implementation, to start you have to create a creative avatar using hundreds of items, objects and images. Then you can begin to create your own home, for the arrangement of which is also available a huge selection of elements. An important gameplay moment is the exploration of the open online world, interaction with other players and completing various tasks, in addition you will be able to come up with your own activities, such as rest, dancing, playing and jumping.


Download PK XD (MOD Full) Download PK XD (MOD Full) Download PK XD (MOD Full) Download PK XD (MOD Full) Download PK XD (MOD Full)

PK XD Video

Download PK XD (MOD Full) APK for Android

Admin needs your help to escape from Glitch and mysterious obstacles!
The PK XD Universe is threatened!
Glitch has caused a mess with its thirst for destruction and is now after its next victim: Admin.
- RUN as fast as possible and help Admin escape from Glitch!.

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