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Title Info
OS Android 4.4 and up
Version 2.0.7-rc609
File Size 213.7Mb
File Type APK
Publisher Brickworks Games Ltd
Price Free
MOD Features Full


Cyberika: Action Adventure Cyberpunk RPG – the game is a combination of gameplay elements borrowed in such directions as classic survival, action and RPG, and is stylistically sustained in a cyberpunk setting. The plot will send us back to the distant year 2077 at the time of the end of World War III, after which North America was divided into 5 regions. All attempts to unite the counties were unsuccessful and the city of Detroit was in the center of chaos and devastation. By coincidence, the automobile Mecca became the largest prison where criminals were sent and had to survive on their own while fighting for their lives. This task was not an easy one, because the whole city was divided between large organized crime groups. Cyberika is graphically designed in a typical cyberpunk style.


Download Cyberika (MOD Full) Download Cyberika (MOD Full) Download Cyberika (MOD Full)

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