Tabou Stories v2.25 (MOD Unlimited Diamonds) APK Download

Tabou Stories v2.25 (MOD Unlimited Diamonds) APK Download

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  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Tickets

About the game

Tabou Stories v2.25 (MOD Unlimited Diamonds) APK Download

Welcome to Tabou Stories: Love Episodes, where you craft your destiny through the power of choice!

Indulge in the ultimate interactive experience, where every decision you make shapes the captivating narrative. Are you ready to embark on a journey where the best choice is yours to make?

Tabou Stories v2.25 (MOD Unlimited Diamonds) APK Download

📖 Dive into a world of endless possibilities with our diverse collection of chapters. Whether you’re craving heart-pounding romance, sizzling drama, or spine-tingling suspense, our stories have it all!

💕 Forge meaningful relationships with intriguing characters as you navigate through our immersive episodes. Will you play the hero, the villain, or the lovestruck protagonist? The choice is yours!

👗 Express your unique style by dressing up your avatar in a variety of fashionable outfits. Whether you prefer classic elegance or daring boldness, there’s a look for every occasion.

Tabou Stories v2.25 (MOD Unlimited Diamonds) APK Download

🔥 Experience love on fire as you immerse yourself in steamy romances and spicy encounters. From passionate kisses to thrilling whispers, every moment is electrifying!

🌟 Build your own story and carve out your path to true romance. With every decision you make, you shape the destiny of your character, leading to multiple endings and endless possibilities.

💖 Make choices that matter and let your heart guide you through a whirlwind of emotions. Will you find true love, or will you succumb to the allure of forbidden romance?

Tabou Stories v2.25 (MOD Unlimited Diamonds) APK Download

Find a way to your boss’s heart and be the office flirt in HOW TO RUIN YOUR BOSS!

Your boss, who you’ve had a crush on for the longest time, is incredibly handsome and charming. Can you keep things professional between you? Are you going to focus on your career, or on your gorgeous boss? Fight a way to make things work and find your happy ending!

In BODYGUARD, you fall for the man who was hired to save your life. You’re lovestruck – but does he feel the same? In exciting chapters full of drama and romance, it’s your choices that determine if your love story will get a happy ending!

Tabou Stories v2.25 (MOD Unlimited Diamonds) APK Download

In THE PROPOSAL, a mysterious billionaire gets to accompany you for a whole week! He’s different from any man you’ve ever met before, but you can’t help but think that his cold exterior hides deep feelings… Can you keep up with his demands? Will you end up lovestruck or is it all just business to you?

Hang out with celebrities, dress up in fancy outfits, become famous, and find your perfect match in episodes of MATCHMAKER!

In an unexpected turn of events, you’ve ended up on a famous reality show. With contestants including a bad-boy singer, a famous Hollywood actor, and your model ex, these chapters are about to get interesting! Are you going to be a flirt that wraps everyone around her finger to win the show, or are you looking for true love? Are you a good girl or a scandal queen? In each episode, YOU choose what you want to do, and your choices will determine the ending of this story!

In VAMPIRE’S KISS you finally got accustomed to the twenty-first-century lifestyle. Everything changes when you get an invitation to the vampire ball where you’ll meet someone you lost a century ago…

In MY BAD BILLIONAIRE, you pretend to be your boss’s wife! Your relationship may be fake, but the chemistry between you is real. With people trying to sabotage your love story, can you two fall in love?

And those are just some of our romantic stories! We are constantly working to bring you new and exciting chapters.

Whichever story you choose, hours of fun are guaranteed!

Download Tabou Stories: Love Episodes now, and start living your secret life!

Tabou Stories v2.25 (MOD Unlimited Diamonds) APK Download

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to play Tabou Stories (MOD Unlimited Diamonds) on PC?

To play Tabou Stories (MOD Unlimited Diamonds) on PC, you can use Player

Why i can't get Unlimited Money?

Sometimes in some MOD APK, Unlimited Money can be Increase, Freeze when you spend or buy anything (even money < 0). So, rest assured and enjoy the MOD APK ^.^!

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