Pig Farm MIX v14.9 (MOD Free Purchase) APK Download

Pig Farm MIX v14.9 (MOD Free Purchase) APK Download

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  • Free Purchase (In-app purchase in US dollars, click buy direct to success! Enter the game, click “Culture Center” and then click “Recharge Points” to view the store! What percentage to buy to get rid of the title effect)
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About the game

Pig Farm MIX v14.9 (MOD Free Purchase) APK Download

In “Pig Farm MIX” you will become the owner of a pig farm. It is an authentic breeding game that can breed various pigs. There are more than 500 types of pigs full of personality!! Raised pigs can also breed with each other to produce new varieties

The obtained piglets can also be sent to auction

Pig Farm MIX v14.9 (MOD Free Purchase) APK Download

Please come and explore the rare pigs you have never seen before!

“Pig Farm MIX” is completely free to download.

It is a development game that everyone can play easily.

Pig Farm MIX v14.9 (MOD Free Purchase) APK Download

Increase the owner level to raise rarer pigs

  • The more pigs shipped, the higher the pig farm owner level will be.
  • Initially, you can only purchase pigs with low rarity, but after upgrading, you can purchase even rarer pigs!
  • Raising rare pigs will be difficult, but the price will increase as they grow larger.
  • Ship more and upgrade quickly!

Give birth to a variety of different pigs!

  • Through the breeding function, after the boars and sows are paired, new breeds can be born!
  • What kind of piglets will be born? You can easily check and confirm.
  • Breed more pigs you have raised!
  • There are also several types of pigs that can only be obtained through breeding…

The exciting “Piggy Hunting”!

Pig Farm MIX v14.9 (MOD Free Purchase) APK Download

  • Use “Hunting Ticket” to challenge piggy hunting.
  • Use the noose to catch the piglets to restock piglets. There are also limited pigs that can only be obtained through hunting! ?
  • There is also a “Rare Hunting Ticket” to challenge a hunt full of rare pigs, which is even more exciting!

It’s also hard to take care of! ?

  • There are 8 types of feed in total. There are pigs that are picky eaters, and there are pigs that only eat expensive feed…
  • Rare pigs will turn into hybrid pigs if they are not fed properly, so be sure to take good care of them.

If you don’t clean it properly, disaster will happen! ?

  • Cleaning up poop is also part of the pig farmer’s job. If you are lazy and don’t clean up, the pigs will get sick! !
  • Protect your pigs by cleaning carefully.

Rich development props!

Pig Farm MIX v14.9 (MOD Free Purchase) APK Download

  • The “sweeping machine” that automatically cleans poop and the “air conditioner” that cleans the air make pigs less likely to get sick.
  • “Floor for sows” to speed up production after breeding.
  • There is also a “slow snail” that can slow down the movement of piglets in the hunting ground, and there are a variety of useful props.
  • As you become more proficient in the game, you will be able to make good use of these props and raise pigs more efficiently.

Pig illustrated book

  • All pigs you have raised will be recorded in the “Pig Illustrated Book”. The characteristics and raising methods of pigs are well documented.
  • There are 6 illustrated books in total, divided into categories based on the skin color that can be seen from the time of piglets.
  • The illustrated book can also confirm the breeding system diagram, which is very helpful for breeding.

Can you collect all the illustrations?

Compete with pig farmers across the country!

You can compete with pig farmers across the country.

Who makes the most money? Who sells the most goods? Who is the owner of the best pig farm?

Various rankings can be viewed at any time. Can you become No.1? ?

Video Preview

Pig Farm MIX v14.9 (MOD Free Purchase) APK Download

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