Pickle Pete v2.12.6 (MOD MENU) APK Download

Pickle Pete v2.12.6 (MOD MENU) APK Download

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PublisherFrojo Apps
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  • Damage Multiplier
  • AttackSpeed Multiplier
  • God Mod
  • Inject Gems
  • Inject Gold
Note: Enable Inject Gems & Inject Gold in Game , you will get value when you will be back to Main menu.

About the game

Pickle Pete v2.12.6 (MOD MENU) APK Download

Top Down Arena Shooter with Autofire and a Vast Arsenal of Guns!

Experience the ultimate survival challenge in this top down arena shooter with autofire and an extensive variety of guns to choose from. Survive relentless waves of enemies by utilizing the full arsenal of your pickle, including a dodge roll and other on-demand abilities. With fast-paced action and strategic gameplay, this game is perfect for fans of shooting games and survival challenges.

Pickle Pete v2.12.6 (MOD MENU) APK Download

Epic Action in a Dark, Post-Apocalyptic World!

Darkness has settled over the world, and our hero must find a way to survive against the hordes of evil forces. Engage in epic battles, stack up on powerful gear, and create countless combinations of unique builds to become stronger than your enemies. Find the antidote and save the world in this thrilling shooter game. Explore diverse environments, each with unique enemy mechanics, and face off against challenging bosses that will test your skills and strategy.

Key Features

Pickle Pete v2.12.6 (MOD MENU) APK Download

  • Tons of Epic Boss Fights: Face off against powerful bosses in intense, action-packed battles.
  • Rich Environments: Explore unique biomes with distinct enemy mechanics and challenges, from dark forests to haunted ruins.
  • Deep Progression System: Develop unique builds every run, enhancing replayability and allowing for endless strategic possibilities.
  • Super Easy Controls: Intuitive controls designed for smooth and responsive gameplay on mobile devices.
  • Various Game Modes: Enjoy different game modes, including survival mode, time attack, and challenge mode, to keep the action fresh and exciting.

Join the Fight for Survival!

Download now and dive into the action-packed world of top down shooting and survival! Perfect for fans of arena shooters, action games, and strategic combat. Customize your hero with a wide range of weapons, gear, and abilities to suit your playstyle. Whether you prefer rapid-fire shooting, powerful explosives, or precise sniper shots, there’s a perfect build for you.

Endless Replayability and Strategic Depth!

Pickle Pete v2.12.6 (MOD MENU) APK Download

With its deep progression system and endless combinations of builds, this game offers hours of replayability. Experiment with different strategies, unlock new abilities, and find the perfect combination to dominate the battlefield. The rich environments and varied enemy types ensure that no two runs are the same, keeping the gameplay exciting and engaging.

Immersive Graphics and Sound!

Enjoy stunning graphics and immersive sound effects that bring the dark, post-apocalyptic world to life. The detailed environments and atmospheric music create an engaging experience that will keep you hooked for hours. Whether you’re battling in eerie forests, abandoned cities, or ancient ruins, the game’s visuals and audio will draw you into its intense, action-packed world.

Features at a Glance

Pickle Pete v2.12.6 (MOD MENU) APK Download

  • Intense Top Down Shooting Action
  • Vast Arsenal of Guns and Gear
  • Epic Boss Battles
  • Unique Biomes and Enemy Mechanics
  • Deep and Engaging Progression System
  • Multiple Game Modes for Varied Gameplay
  • Easy and Intuitive Controls
  • Stunning Graphics and Immersive Sound

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure in a world overrun by darkness. Can you find the antidote and save humanity? Download now and start your journey in the ultimate top down arena shooter!

Video Preview

Pickle Pete v2.12.6 (MOD MENU) APK Download

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to play Pickle Pete (MOD MENU) on PC?

To play Pickle Pete (MOD MENU) on PC, you can use Player

Why i can't get Unlimited Money?

Sometimes in some MOD APK, Unlimited Money can be Increase, Freeze when you spend or buy anything (even money < 0). So, rest assured and enjoy the MOD APK ^.^!

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