Merge Fever v0.24.1 (MOD Free Shopping) APK Download

Merge Fever v0.24.1 (MOD Free Shopping) APK Download

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About the game

Merge Fever v0.24.1 (MOD Free Shopping) APK Download

Merge Fever is a match & merge puzzle games. A merge game where you can merge mansions, cafes, and merge cooking items in a tasty merge games where you design your dream restaurants.

What’s Chef Drake’s goal?

Merge Fever v0.24.1 (MOD Free Shopping) APK Download

Relax and live this captivating merge gossip story.

Start your fusion adventure now. Merge food, sweets, design games.

There’s gossip on seaside harbor that free merge puzzle for adults have underdog chef Emma is fighting egomaniac masterchef Drake to save his hotel, restaurants and cafes. Merge, cook and serve order in new merge 2 puzzle game with 500+ new objects, fun relaxing merging and matching game.

Merge Fever v0.24.1 (MOD Free Shopping) APK Download

Do you like home decoration and design? Be the master designer and show off your Home Design skills in one of the newest Merge games.

*Merge Food -> Create New Dish -> Serve Order -> Design & Renovate your restaurants & town!*

Explore Emma’s family restaurants in a beautiful town called ‘Valley’. It’s your job to reclaim the past glory of the Van Loon family. Van Loons lost its reputation in the food world after the mysterious departure of Henry Van Loon, the GOAT chef. And help the town folks with their unique problem.

Merge Fever v0.24.1 (MOD Free Shopping) APK Download

Fight with Evil, egomaniac Chef Drake, and prove that in the end, it’s good that always prevails.

The new merge game is set in Valley town, merge food items and serve your customers – decorate & renovate your restaurant and town. Merge Fever gives you self-expression and options for decorations. Be the master designer and show off your Home Design skills in Merge Fever.

Fever is fresh, beautiful & tasty. It’s set in the open world of Chef Merge city ‘Valley’. Play this one of the satisfying free merge games now!


Merge Fever v0.24.1 (MOD Free Shopping) APK Download

Fun, fast, and addictive merge game.

  • Merge: Each merging of 2 items reveals a new discovery, a delicious food item, or a useful kitchen utensil. You can design homes & restaurants. New merge games have a chef and food theme, this is not a story of a grandma and a broken mansion!
  • Design & Renovate: Create your unique home design & restaurant designs. Apart from restaurants, Merge and decor Mansion and Inn! Travel town and merge food items.
  • Story: Fun Interesting storyline with romantic elements! Some love and pies relationship with your love interest Marques. Beat the Masterchef Drake and his lackeys and restore your family’s reputation.

Merge Fever is a love story of an underdog chef who fights a powerful enemy in her conquest!

  • Discover New: There are always new items to discover in these merging games. It’s a story of a chef, so merge burgers, merge pizzas, merge chef, merge sushi, and other merge food. Design and decor your restaurants and cafes.
  • Addictive Gameplay: It’s fun, easy, and addictive gameplay. Merging 2 items and creating a new item is always fun and engaging. Just manage your grid well and you’ll have one of the best new merge games experiences! Traveling town in merge 2 games!
  • Special Events: Special events have new items and mechanics for merging to keep the game fresh for our players.
  • New Boosters: Play this merge & design game with unique new boosters and progress faster.

One of the best experiences available in the merge puzzle games genre. Design a home, design restaurants, merge mansions, Travel Town, it has some love and eating pies, and play free merge games!

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Merge Fever v0.24.1 (MOD Free Shopping) APK Download

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to play Merge Fever (MOD Free Shopping) on PC?

To play Merge Fever (MOD Free Shopping) on PC, you can use Player

Why i can't get Unlimited Money?

Sometimes in some MOD APK, Unlimited Money can be Increase, Freeze when you spend or buy anything (even money < 0). So, rest assured and enjoy the MOD APK ^.^!

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