Blush Blush v0.108 (MOD Money/Unlocked) APK Download

Blush Blush v0.108 (MOD Money/Unlocked) APK Download

File TypeAPK
PublisherSad Panda Studios Ltd
Price0 USD
MOD FeaturesMoney/Unlocked
Play StoreGoogle Play


  • Job Income x1000
  • All Jobs Unlocked
  • Gift Cost No Diamonds
  • Date Cost No diamonds

About the game

Blush Blush v0.108 (MOD Money/Unlocked) APK Download

Welcome to the enchanting world of Blush Blush, where romance meets whimsy in a captivating anime-style idle otome dating sim designed exclusively for you, the chosen one!

Prepare for a journey filled with laughter, tears, and furry romance as you explore the charming world of Blush Blush. This extraordinary game, blending dating sim elements with idle clicker mechanics, is brought to you by the creators of Crush Crush – Idle Dating Sim. Immerse yourself in an addictive mix of idle gameplay and heartwarming otome dating sim experiences that promise endless fun!


Blush Blush v0.108 (MOD Money/Unlocked) APK Download

Cursed Boys:

In the whimsical world of Blush Blush, a peculiar curse has transformed a group of unfortunate men into adorable animals. They’re cute, cuddly, and slightly puzzled. Fear not! You, with your magical powers of friendship and love, are here to break the curse.

Blush Blush v0.108 (MOD Money/Unlocked) APK Download

Diverse Cast:

With a diverse and ever-growing cast of characters, Blush Blush offers a furry companion for everyone. From shy, bookish introverts to daring adventurers and literal princes, you’ll find a range of unique personalities to chat, date, and charm your way into their hearts.

Time Management:

Blush Blush v0.108 (MOD Money/Unlocked) APK Download

Balance your time wisely by working jobs to make money and spending time on hobbies to level up your stats. Patience, dedication, and a touch of strategy are key to your progress. Unlock extra time blocks and speed boosts to enhance your dating experience and discover new furry friends.

Memory Album:

As the story unfolds, cherish your romantic and thrilling dates by filling up your memory album with beautiful artworks. Look back on your journey, reminisce about meeting your favorite furry guys, and collect gorgeous pin-ups to celebrate your achievements.

Blush Blush v0.108 (MOD Money/Unlocked) APK Download

Blush Blush – A Fusion of Romance and Idle Fun!

Blush Blush is more than just a game; it’s a unique fusion of gaming genres, offering an engaging idle dating sim experience tailored for those seeking furry romance and fun in a charming virtual world.

Why Blush Blush?

Experience a captivating blend of idle mechanics and dating sim.

Engage with charming furry boys in a whimsical and romantic setting.

Manage your time wisely to unlock new furry companions and maximize your otome dating sim experience.

Collect beautiful artworks and memories to commemorate your furry journey.

Video Preview

Blush Blush v0.108 (MOD Money/Unlocked) APK Download

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