Binh Đoàn Z v1.3.718 (MOD Menu) APK Download

Binh Đoàn Z v1.3.718 (MOD Menu) APK Download

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Publisher3T Online Entertainment
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About the game

Binh Đoàn Z v1.3.718 (MOD Menu) APK Download

The game is released by 3T Online Entertainment Joint Stock Company based on the Decision Approving G1 Game Content No. 304 issued by the Ministry of Information and Communications on February 21, 2022.

Tactical MMO to destroy Zombies, form Alliances, command armies, manage clans to rebuild human civilization in the apocalypse!

Binh Đoàn Z v1.3.718 (MOD Menu) APK Download

The risk of Zombies breaking out threatens civilization that has existed for thousands of years to the brink of extinction. At this time, you shoulder the hope of humanity’s recovery;

  • Relying on the indomitable spirit, war chariots, artillery guns to protect living beings;
  • Destroy Zombies, crush enemies to reclaim lost lands;
  • Rebuild the city, rescue the victims, and once again awaken human civilization;

Ally with like-minded commanders around the world, destroy your opponents, compete for the capital, and become the leader of the world to lead humanity to renaissance!

Only humanity can completely destroy humanity. In the world of Age of Z Origins, the real enemy is not the ferocious Zombies. Pay attention to prevent and neutralize incoming attacks and robberies. from another city!


Binh Đoàn Z v1.3.718 (MOD Menu) APK Download

  • Recruit troops, research technology, destroy enemies;
  • The strong eat the weak, equipment is survival: You need to make as many guns and ammunition as possible. Provide enough fuel for war vehicles, research high-tech troops in the shortest time;
  • One tree cannot make a mountain, three trees together can make a high mountain: Managing a city state, developing the military, commanding war, only you are afraid that you will end up in a busy area; Then, you may need to recruit more talent to share the burden for you
  • Some people have seen with their own eyes mutated Zombies as big as mountains. They are afraid that there are more scary things, but because those who witnessed them with their own eyes have all died, we are unaware of their existence. These people representing the end of the world are waiting for you to challenge them
  • Welcome to the 3D world of war: This place not only needs to overcome mountains and lakes, but also needs to survive and develop in arid lands and complex terrain around the world! You will strategize in an unprecedented 3D world, geographical location and route of operation are also extremely important, survival and destruction in a single thought!


Binh Đoàn Z v1.3.718 (MOD Menu) APK Download

  • Destroy all Zombies and take back the city! This is a city that belongs to you, and is also a city of Zombies! A large number of squares have been occupied by Zombies, you need to be careful step by step, taking back little by little from the hands of Zombies!
  • The victims you rescue will become the city’s development foundation, used to increase prosperity, ensuring the city’s rapid development!
  • With the rise of humanity, brutal Zombies receive appropriate punishment, the polluted atmosphere is gradually purified, human civilization is gradually rebuilt, and the world progresses strongly. strong to the next stage! New world stages are constantly being opened, you will receive rich rewards, experience many attractive and unique features!


Binh Đoàn Z v1.3.718 (MOD Menu) APK Download

  • Expand, conquer, dominate! The behavior of your alliance will be the goal of hundreds of commanders and tens of thousands of soldiers, together achieving the goal, destroying the enemy to the end, working together until dominating the whole world!
  • Join trusted commanders around the world to form a powerful Alliance, and through negotiation and suppression, without any reservation, use every means to defeat your enemies.
  • For the sake of territory, resources and technology, wage super wars or even world wars! Win to be the king, lose to be the enemy, the last remaining alliance will dominate the world!
  • Commander, give orders! It is at this moment, using your decisions to save the world, and your soldiers, heroically sacrificing their lives for a new world!

Binh Đoàn Z v1.3.718 (MOD Menu) APK Download

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to play Binh Đoàn Z (MOD Menu) on PC?

To play Binh Đoàn Z (MOD Menu) on PC, you can use Player

Why i can't get Unlimited Money?

Sometimes in some MOD APK, Unlimited Money can be Increase, Freeze when you spend or buy anything (even money < 0). So, rest assured and enjoy the MOD APK ^.^!

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